Putting you in charge of your learning

Visit myPAL here: https://mypal.leeds.ac.uk/

Students have been involved with myPAL from the very beginning and there are lots of ways to get involved. If you have a burning idea for a new feature that can help you pass the OSCEs, or you just want to put on your CV that you helped develop an app, we want to hear from you!

We run regular workshops to dream up new features, test out prototypes and think about how to make medical students’ lives easier. They’re super casual and pretty creative so contact us if you feel like getting involved.

We use your performance data to produce more direct and customised feedback on everything from assessments to how you interact with the School.
Review your performance data and develop critical self assessment skills for your learning and professional practice.
All your feedback in one easily accessible, secure format. See how you’re doing anytime, anywhere and from any device.