Helping your students make the most of their feedback

We want myPAL to be a tool for staff as well as students. We have thought about the role of tutors throughout the design process and we envision myPAL as a resource that can help everyone get the most out of tutorials. Students can chose to share their myPAL view with their tutors in order to have an informed discussion about their learning.

Current and future benefits to tutors include:

  • See your students’ grades, progress and feedback all in one place
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with students about their plans for their own learning
  • Integrate your feedback into a wider picture of how your student is doing
  • Help your students to set, track and achieve personal learning goals

We want tutors to play an active part in the design of myPAL. If you’d like to suggest an idea, or take part in a co-design workshop with other staff members, please contact us.

We use your performance data to produce more direct and customised feedback on everything from assessments to how you interact with the School.
Review your performance data and develop critical self assessment skills for your learning and professional practice.
All your feedback in one easily accessible, secure format. See how you’re doing anytime, anywhere and from any device.