Meet the team


Tamsin Treasure-Jones

Senior Strategist – Technology Enhanced Learning.

Tamsin was the Project Manager for myPAL. She is an experienced project manager and researcher with extensive experience of managing TEL projects within higher education. Most recently she led the healthcare sector work in the large-scale EU funded Learning Layers research project, which used a co-design approach to develop and pilot technologies to support informal learning at the healthcare workplace. Prior to that she was the Mobile Technologies Project Manager and ultimately Programme Manager of the Assessment and Learning in Practice Settings (ALPS) project, which was a ground breaking project that developed and piloted the use of mobile technologies to support healthcare students’ learning whilst on placement. Her research interests are in co-design and TEL to support informal learning. LinkedIn profile. ReseachGate profile.

Rosie Dent-Spargo
Project Officer

I work with students, staff and faculty members to co-design myPAL and other projects within Leeds Institute of Medical Education. I try and find new and creative ways to establish app requirements, using craft supplies and games to explore new ideas. I then work with the development team to incorporate the results of these design workshops into workable features, leading on user interface and systems design. Trained in psychotherapy, I am interested in design from a people-perspective and a lot of my work focusses on how the tools we make might impact our users.

I lead on stakeholder engagement and project reporting, interacting with funders, stakeholders and NHS professionals to promote and report on myPAL. As well as this, I contribute to research on co-design, writing papers and presenting at conferences.

Dr Pat Harkin

Student Education Lead

Dr PatHarkin is  Student Education Lead in the MyPAL project. He has been involved in curriculum development, delivery of teaching, assessment, and student support at the University of Leeds for over 30 years. He has a long-standing interest in identifying the most appropriate uses of technology in medical education and assessment for the benefit of the students and their future patients.

Alicja Piotrkowicz

Research Assistant

Alicja leads the text analytics research in the myPAL project. In particular she looks at feedback and comments relating to students’ work placements, in order to develop innovative learning analytics to support self-regulated learning. She uses methods from a variety of domains, including natural language processing and machine learning. She is also currently involved in a project that uses learning analytics to understand engagement in active video watching for soft skill learning. More broadly, she’s interested in developing approaches to operationalising high-level concepts from humanities and social studies for large-scale computational processing.

Alicja’s background is in linguistics and computational linguistics. She’s currently completing a PhD (“Predicting the popularity of news articles on social media using headlines”) at the School of Computing, University of Leeds.

Dr. Vania Dimitrova, Associate Professor, School of Computing and Leeds Institute of Medical Education

Director of TEL Strategy, Leeds Institute of Medical Education; Co-director of the Leeds Research Centre in Digital Learning

Vania leads a cross-university research activity on using intelligent technologies to augment human intelligence. Her research focuses on learner modelling, meta-cognitive skills, community adaptation, and knowledge-enriched interaction. She has a strong theoretical and practical background and extensive experience of design, development, and evaluation of interactive learning environments which promote novel ways of learning and teaching. Her research has been funded by EU, EPSRC, the UK Technology Strategy Board, JISC, British Council. She has co-authored more than 100 papers, was Program chair of of premier conferences on personalisation and intelligent learning environments, sits on the editorial board of the personalisation journal (UMUAI) and of the International Journal on Artificial Intelligence in Education (JAIED); is a member of the Executive Committee of the International AI in Education society, and program committees member of the premier international conferences on adaptive systems. Vania provides advice on technology enhanced learning research in myPAL, including learning analytics, personalisation and adaptation.

Alisdair Smithies – TEL Innovation Officer

Alisdair is an experienced technology leader and educator, having worked in a range of teaching, research and project management roles in UK medical schools. He joined Leeds Institute of Medical Education in 2016 as the Technology-Enhanced Learning Innovation Officer, taking on management of the broad range of innovative Technology-Enhanced Learning initiatives in the School of Medicine.

Alisdair’s research interests are around transitions in medical education. He has previously led a range of projects to enhance delivery of formative feedback, using mobile technology. His other interests lie around the use of Communities of Practice in faculty development and he has presented internationally about his work in this area. In his spare time, Alisdair enjoys travel, cooking and photography.

Dr Jennifer Hallam

Educational Psychometrician- Assessment Research Group

Jenn is the Assessment Lead for myPAL. She is a member of the Assessment Research Group (ARG), leads the Workplace Based Assessment (WBA) research streams and analyses, designs and researches assessment for learning (e.g. Mini Cex) and assessment for progression (e.g. OSCE) platforms within MBChB. She is a Psychologist by background with extensive experience in behaviour change, individual differences and longitudinal profiling research using advanced mixed methods research techniques.

gareth_frithGareth Frith
Technology Enhanced Learning Project Manager

Gareth is the Technology Enhanced Learning Project Manager for the School of Medicine at Leeds and works within a team of learning technologists implementing technology enhanced learning for the teaching of undergraduate and taught postgraduate medical students in both the University and work place settings. He has presented at International and National conferences on Technology Enhanced Learning including On-line Educa, m-learn, Handheld Learning, ALT-C, AMEE and some Apple® events.

Dr Sisira Dharmaratne
Visiting Research Assistant

Dr Sisira Dharmaratne is working with the myPAL team to undertake a qualitative analysis of the co-design meeting transcripts with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of students’ approach to workplace learning, self regulated learning and the role of TEL in supporting this.