Transformative technology to enhance the learning experience

myPAL will help to meet the demands from employers for graduates who are prepared for the future, who not only bring subject knowledge but have lifelong learning skills and are able reflect on and learn from their workplace experiences.

A recent EU policy [1] stresses that embedding work-based learning into education is key to the development of employability skills necessary for industrial competitiveness. HE is responding to this employer-led demand; increasingly HE courses in all subjects include work-based activities, such as placements, internships or project work, in order to give students exposure to the workplace and the opportunity to develop work-based learning skills.

However, simply exposing students to the workplace will not on its own provide them with strong support for developing reflective learning and personal development planning – the lifelong learning skills that underpin workplace learning. HE institutions have tried to address this by providing students with access to workplace tutors/mentors and requiring the students to collect evidence of learning at the workplace. But one-to-one mentoring is not sustainable nor cost-effective.

myPAL’s novel pedagogic approach is to use learning analytics to present students with an overview of their workplace learning activities & feedback. We are exploring how different visualisations and automated intelligent prompts can be used to support them in using this overview to plan and manage their learning. If successful the project will provide an effective and scalable solution that can be used to support students’ development of lifelong learning skills – producing graduates who have the skills to learn from their workplace experiences and contribute to their own and their employer’s future success.

If you would like to find out more about myPAL or work with us on future projects please contact us.

1. Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes. EU Policy Communication, 2012.

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