Personalising your learning experience

An innovative approach to personalising medical education:
– A personalised and adaptive digital learning platform designed to make your life easier. It changes with you in real time.
– Life admin and learning, all in the same place. From deadlines to flashcards, myPAL is the central source for everything you need to know.
– Co-designed by you, for you. This app is developed purely for the Leeds MBChB program so you know it meets your needs.

Our Story

We realised that we actually collect a huge amount of data about our medical students’ performance during their 5 years on the MBChB program and we wanted to find a way to use that data to help them navigate its complicated requirements. Medical education is moving away from a focus on grades and towards an emphasis on developing the doctor as a whole person and we want to be a part of that. From the beginning, we have worked closely with students to design myPAL together and to make sure it matches up as closely as possible with the demands of the MBChB program.

We want myPAL to be a totally customisable app where every piece of functionality is optional. If alerts and reminders stress you out, switch them off. If you’re the sort of person who wants to track their ranking in the year group on a weekly basis, we want to help make that possible. You can use myPAL in lots of different ways depending on what your needs are.
myPAL is live and in use now but the development isn’t over – we’ve got lots more features that we want to add and we want to continue to work closely with students to help take some of the stress out of medical school. Head over to the Co-Design section to find out how you can get involved.


myPAL has great potential and will synthesise all of your data to help you get the most out of your medical degree. Current and potential future features include:

– Feedback tool – eBook access, WBPA tracking, placement prompts, assessment data.

– Personal tutor – guidance on tailoring your learning based on your individual needs.

– Peer generated resource library – a comprehensive, searchable collection of resources such as videos, books, websites and lectures, curated and ranked by students.

– Platform for a tailored education – everything in one place pertinent to your learning and development. myPAL collects your data from multiple platforms such as assessment, digital footprint and placement progress so that you can see your results in context.

– Note tagging, search resources by topic, track which resources you haven’t accessed yet and access to online question banks.

– Placement support: trust-specific technique resources, information on how to plan your specific placement and when you need to get things done. Unsure when is the best time to learn cannulation? myPAL is here for you.

– DOPS and OSCE: feedback from specific sections, skills checklists, track progress, set goals and find targeted study resources.