2017 – 2018 Co-design Activities

Phase 1

November-December 2017
In phase 1 we were lucky enough to enlist the help of 26 students, 7 clinicians and 6 academics. These members of the co-design team participated across 9 workshops to discuss workplace-based assessments and design visualisations for myPAL using real-world software design techniques. Over these workshops participants created 50 visualisations that answered a variety of questions about students’ workplace assessment data. In Phase 2 the team will be getting to grips with prototypes based on their ideas. We are incredibly grateful to all members of the team for their time and their ingenuity.

Phase 2

February-March 2018
In phase 2 we are again running workshops with students, academics and clinicians. Together we are exploring, reviewing and adapting the paper prototypes developed from the phase 1 activities.

If you would like to be involved in future co-design activities please contact us.