2017 – 2019 Co-design Activities

Phase 1

November-December 2017
In phase 1 we were lucky enough to enlist the help of 26 students, 7 clinicians and 6 academics. These members of the co-design team participated across 9 workshops to discuss workplace-based assessments and design visualisations for myPAL using real-world software design techniques. Over these workshops participants created 50 visualisations that answered a variety of questions about students’ workplace assessment data. In Phase 2 the team will be getting to grips with prototypes based on their ideas.

Phase 2

February-March 2018
In phase 2 we ran workshops with students, academics and clinicians. Together we explored, reviewed and adapted the paper prototypes developed from the phase 1 activities. We chose one prototype with a set of features to take forward to Phase 3.

Phase 3

February 2019
We worked with students from all years of the MBChB to test the finalised interface – together we explored how students might use this interface and what kinds of patterns it could help them spot. We are incredibly grateful to all the students, clinicians and staff who have given their time and skill to help develop myPAL with us.